Machine Learning and Scientific Web

Since 1992 Prof. Rino Ragno and more often starting in 2000 the computational procedure applied  by RCMD were more and more focused on machine learning methods.

Since 2000 RCMD published more than 80 peer reviewed articles and many of them in the field of QSAR and 3-D QSAR modeling. In 2008 Prof. Rino Ragno started a personal project on the design of web applications to develop a 3-D QSAR server. Initially 

in 2010 a database of more 150 3-D QSAR models was compiled and published in, but that was a statical portal to inspect 3-D QSAR model build with a RCMD in house developed methodology using open source software. Only in the 2016 RCMD succeeded in setting up a fully functional 3-D QSAR server with 4 web application (Py-MolEdit, Py-ConfSearch, Py-Align and Py-CoMFA) that allow any no-profit user to build CoMFA like models by means of any electronic device.