Molecular Modeling

From 1989 Prof. Rino Ragno started to study computer science and programming method. The in 1992 he attended a course in Siena, organized by Prof. Maurizio Botta, and he decided ti involve himself in the study of computational techniques applied to medicinal chemistry. To improve his drug design skills, Rino Ragno participated also to the first European Workshop in Drug Design (EWDD) in Siena and there Prof. Maurizio Botta offered him to go to the Prof garland Marshal Lab at Washinghton University in St. Louis.  

In 2000 Prof Marino Artico got some funds from Cenci Bolognetti organization to start a new computational chemistry lab directed by Prof. Rino Ragno, the lab was name Rome Centef for Molecular Design (RCMD). Since 2000 RCMD co-authored more than 100 scientific article published in peer review journals.