Rome Center for Molecular Design was informally established in 2000 as an inter-departmental facility coordinated by Prof. Rino Ragno starting the activities with a Silicon O2 R10000 workstation and a couple of assembled compatible pentium based PCs running linux slackware.

Today, RCMD is actively involved in many scientific collaboration with the aim to design of biologically active compounds through molecular modeling techniques such as QSAR, 3-D QSAR, Molecular Docking, COMBINE and more.

In 2016 RCMD has launched the very first and unique web portal that brings the 3-D QSAR on any electronic device. The 3-D QSAR server (www.3d-qsar.com), can be freely used, allowing anyone to build CoMFA-like models not anymore available on the market.

In the last decade RCMD has also focused on natural substances with particular attention to essential oil and the methodologies to extract them. 

Since 2000, the foundation year, RCMD have co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed articles.


Department of Drug Chemistry and Technology (Building CU019) at Sapienza University of Rome, headquarter of RCMD